Herbs For Energy

What does it mean to have burnt out adrenals? We are used to experiencing stress. The problem is what happens after an extended period of stress.

In the later phases of the stress response, there are changes in cortisol levels, adrenaline, testosterone, DHEA, and aldosterone. At this point, the body has run out of resources, can no longer meet the demands placed on it, and has begun to crash.

Depression, anxiety, irritability, weight loss, apathy, absent sex drive, poor sleep, and frequent infections plague a burned-out individual in ways so severe that they are nearly nonfunctional. People struggle to step back from their day-to-day lives and recover.

Adaptogenic herbs are plants with the potential to lower cortisol levels and support the body in its adaptation to stress. They are exceptionally effective at promoting energy levels, encouraging sleep, lifting mood, and preventing illness.

Here are some common adaptogenic herbs that can boost energy:

Withania: It is also known as ashwagandha and is an Indian herb with implications in thyroid health and adrenal support. Withania works for every stage of adrenal fatigue, but has best effects on the second and third phase, increasing focus, calming the mind, and supporting the immune system in just a matter of days.[

Rhodiola: This herb has a great benefit in the third and fourth phases of adrenal fatigue because of its uplifting effects on mood, enthusiasm, and motivation. This herb is best taken in the early parts of the day and is most effective in combination with St. John’s wort and Panax ginseng.

Eleutherococcus: It is also known as Siberian ginseng and is a common part of many combination adrenal formulas. It supports the immune system and reduces the frequency of infections. With less of an impact on the mental-emotional side of things, Eleutherococcus can be used with other medications and can also be consumed in tea form.

Glycyrrhiza: We know this one commonly as licorice and often add it to liquid herbal formulas to improve taste. Glycyrrhiza has a tremendous impact on adrenal health.

As always, we recommend you seek advice from your health care practitioner to make sure you are proceeding safely. Feel free to learn more about our practitioners.