An excellent group of Naturopathic Doctors that believe in sharing health as openly as possible to everyone. Our team is currently led by Dr. Chris Pickrell.

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Most simply, we operate very similarly to a conventional walk-in clinic: you can come in with whatever your concerns are, and we’ll provide treatment to address your concerns.

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We are not in opposition to the conventional medical system. We believe in cooperation, communication, collaboration, patient-centered care, and responsible medicine.

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Supervising Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Chris Pickrell, ND, RH

Supervising Naturopathic Doctor
Clinical Assistant

Sarah DiMunno

Clinical Assistant



You can come in with anything you’d normally take to a regular walk-in clinic. Here’s a list of the most common things we see in clinic:

  • Anxiety and stress-related symptoms
  • Insomnia
  • Pain, headaches, back and neck pain, injury recovery
  • Digestive concerns
  • Acute colds and flus
  • Irregular menses and issues with fertility
  • Allergies
  • Conditions presenting with chronic fatigue, weakness, or pain
  • Low mood, low energy, depression
  • Arthritic conditions

Like all walk-in clinics, we are not an emergency facility: If you are experiencing chest pain, acute shortness of breath, or in any other situation that may be an emergency, please proceed promptly to your nearest ER.


Depending on your presentation, there are a variety of treatment options we may pursue.  The most commonly used treatments are: acupuncture, botanical medicine, physical or yoga therapy exercises, and diet and nutritional recommendations.

We provide both acute and ongoing care.  For example, if presenting with an acute cold, we’ll likely recommend an acute antimicrobial botanical prescription to help treat the symptoms and resolve the infection as quickly as possible.

If presenting with a recent ankle injury, we’re likely to suggest a series of acupuncture treatments, and recommend appropriate strength and rehabilitation exercises as well as some local alternating hot and cold applications.


Depending on your presenting concern and selected treatment, you can expect to spend 20-35 minutes in the clinic after checking in.  The clinic is a shared space with five divided areas where people meet with the supervising ND and receive treatment.  In every case, you will meet with the ND and be assessed and treated that day.

This sounds amazing! What do I do now?

Come on in!  You’re welcome to walk-in any time during our open hours (last possible appointment is 45 minutes before closing), or, if you’d like to secure a time, you can make an appointment using our online scheduler (link as a tab on side of page).

Please note: if you are not in the clinic at your scheduled time your appointment will be released; if you still wish to be seen that day, you are welcome to come in as a walk-in.


We believe in accessible and affordable health care for everyone. Appointments are $20-40, based on whatever you can afford, with no proof of income required. If this is still more than you can provide, please come in anyway! Our clinic operates based on meeting your needs, and this means we welcome patients to pay whatever they can afford for treatment. If you know anyone who can benefit from our accessible health services, please spread the word!

What does an ND even do?

Here is the link for the CAND channel consisting of short videos describing aspects of naturopathic doctors. It does not include specific details on modalities, but should be pretty helpful.

Is there a cost for lab work?

Currently, ND’s can request necessary blood work with an associated cost. Cost is dependant on the type of blood work. It is the patient’s decision whether they desire to have lab tests processed by our clinic. In any case, we are able to interpret lab work and encourage you to bring recent diagnostics with you to your appointment.

Do you prescribe pharmaceuticals?

The short answer is no. Available treatments focus on using naturopathic therapies such as botanicals, acupuncture, & nutrition. However, if we think conventional intervention is necessary, we will always make that recommendation.

Is the WIN Clinic covered under OHIP/insurance?

Naturopathic appointments are not covered under OHIP. However, they are covered under many insurance and benefit plans.  Amount of coverage depends on the individual plan, so please check with your provider for more information. We have also made our rates affordable to help relieve any financial burden.

Do you see kids?

Yes, we welcome children of all ages.

Do you provide on-going care?

Yes. Some conditions might require multiple in-house treatments. For example, if you come in with shoulder pain, we may recommend a series of acupuncture treatments twice a week for 3 weeks. Additionally, a follow-up appointment might be requested to track progress. In both cases, you can book an appointment to a secure a time-slot.

How long until I see an ND?

The WIN Clinic functions as a walk-in clinic meaning patients will be seen on a first come first serve basis. Therefore, wait times will depend on the number of patients seeking care. Exceptions are made for those who have booked secure appointments.

What if I have an emergency?

Like all walk-in clinics, we are not an emergency facility: If you are experiencing chest pain, acute shortness of breath, or in any other situation that may be an emergency, please proceed promptly to your nearest ER.

Any additional fees I should know about?

Nope!  We don’t charge late fees, first visit fees, or anything extra.

If you miss a secured appointment time, your time-slot will be released with no associated cost.

What actually happens after I walk in?

If you are a new patient to the clinic, we’ll have you fill out an intake form prior to your visit. Once you are checked in, the supervising ND will be with you as soon as possible. Please bring in any pertinent lab work or names of current medications. Expect the appointment to be between 15-35 mins. In every case you will be assessed and treated that day.

How do I get there?

TTC Directions

From Dundas Subway (On the Bloor-Danforth line)

  • Take 504 King Car to Howard Park, stops directly across from the Dispensary (in front of the Revue Cinema)

If coming from the east:

  • 506 College Street Car stops at Roncesvalles Ave and Howard Park, the Dispensary is 4 doors south on the East Side of the street
  • 505 Dundas Streetcar stops at Roncesvalles Ave, and then walk south on Roncesvalles for ~5 min to Howard Park

If coming from the south:

  • 504 King Streetcar comes up Roncesvalles and stops at Howard Park, directly across from the Dispensary

If coming from the west:

  • 501 Queen car to Roncesvalles, then 504 King Car north to Howard Park
  • Keele St Bus to Dundas West Subway, 504 King Car South to Howard Park


Pay street parking is available directly on Roncesvalles Avenue.

Visit us at the WIN Clinic, located within The Herbal Clinic & Dispensary at 409 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto (just south of Howard Park Avenue).

Phone: 416-537-5303

Email: contactus@theherbalclinicanddispensary.com

Walk-in Hours of Operation:

Tuesday            9:00am – 2:00 pm

Thursday           9:00am – 2:00 pm

Please Note: We are a walk-in clinic. If looking to secure an appointment time for ongoing care, please see our online scheduler.