Loose Tea Blends


The large majority of our herbs are organic and used when they are fresh or dried with the utmost care. All of our suppliers meet strict standards that ensure top quality herbs. We try to support local farmers.

We have the following loose tea blends available:

Tea Blend Purpose/Description Ingredients (Latin)
Mother’s Helper (Nursing Tea) One of the oldest traditional herbal formulas, this earthy blend has long been used to stimulate and support women as they nurse the next generation. Cnicus benedictus, Trigonella, Galega, Rubus, Urtica folia, Foeniculum, Leonarus, Trifolium, Schizandra
Clear Skin Tea Help clear skin from the inside out with this blend of liver-supporting, skin-specific alterative herbs. Trifolum, Galium, Avena, Medicago, Urtica folia, Smilax, Scrophularia
Liver Cleanse Tea Support detoxification. Silybum, Taraxacum folia, Urtica folia, Cynara, Galium, Achillea
Change of Season An ancient Chinese Medicine formula, Change of Season soup or tea has long been used to stimulate the immune system through times of change or need. Astragalus, Codonopsis, Dioscorea, Lyciium.
Children’s Calming A non-sedating but defineitely calming blend, this combo is useful for helping kids settle, concentrate, and be just a little more manageable, for awhile. Totally safe, and even fairly tasty. Nepeta, Matricaria, Melissa, Linden, Calendula, Avena
Stress Rest A non-sedating blend perfect for work or school when you want a little calm, but need to stay alert and focused. Centella, Leonarus, Hibiscus, Nepeta, Rosea canina, Melissa
Of Sleep and Dreams As ancient as a mid summer night’s dream, this soporific sedative blend helps ease you and keep you in the pleasant reveries of deep sleep. Valeriana, Passiflora, Lactuca, Stachys, Matricaria, Borago, Melissa
Tummy Tea Like a warm hug for your stomach, this combo helps soothe and tone digestion. Filipendula, Foeniculum, Mentha, Pimpinella, Matricaria
Herbal Laxative Sometimes, you just gotta go. Rhamnus, Senna, Foeniculum, Althea, Rumex crispus, Zingiber
Perineal Wash Combining the actions vulnerary, demulcent, and astringent, this traditonal Sitz-bath is used post delivery to help heal and soothe the area for optimal recovery. Calendula, Comfrey, Yarrow, Black Tea (Earl Grey)
Cold and Flu Fighter Warm, soothing, and tasty, what better way to say Goodbye colds and flus! Echinacea Root, Cleavers, Elder Berry, Elder Flower, Eyebright, Ginger, Licorice, Peppermint
Allergy Tea Allergies are tough.  This combo helps soothe the inflammation and reactivity when one is exposed to allergens. Goldenrod, Plantain, Mullein, Nettle Leaf, Ginkgo Leaf, Eyebright, Fennel Seed, Lobelia
Cramp Ease A classic formula to help soothe the cramps of menses.  Can be paired with Sleep and Dreams combo for further pain relief. Crampbark, Black Haw, Rue, Yarrow, Ginger, Licorice Root
Happy Spring Did you know that spring-time bears dig up and eat burdock root to stimulate their metabolism and support their livers?  To save you the trouble of foraging, we’ve put together the human version of a classic Spring-time Tonic Dandelion Leaf and Root, Nettle Leaf, Blue Flag, Cleaver, Burdock Root
Stomach Repair Like spreading a layer of soothing honey on your insides, this collection of demulcent herbs is especially useful when the stomach and upper GI are inflamed. Marshmallow, Licorice Root, Meadowsweet, Slippery Elm
Cerebral Circulation A combo of nootopics and circulatory support, this combo helps keep flow and food reaching that ever-hungry brain.  Optimal for periods of study or focus. Ginkgo Leaf, Peppermint, Gotu Kola, Rosemary
Pregnancy Tea A gentle but effective uterine tonic, this combo can be used any time to help support a healthy pregnancy.  For best results, combine with a little black strap molasses Red Raspberry Leaf, Nettle Leaf, Marigold Flowers

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